Block & 9pc masterline black

Block & 9pc Master line black

High quality chrome molybdenum steel X 50 CrMoV 15
- Forged from one part
- Special oil and ice hardened
- Hand honed
- Handy handle
- Seamless pass over between blade and handle, handle made of POM plastic plates
- Stain resistant
- Modern design
- Hardness 56+/-1HCR
- Please don't place Good knives in Dish Washer

Set contains:
Block of beechwood
paring knife 9 cm
utility knife 15 cm
Carving knife 20 cm
Boning knife 15 cm
Cook´s knife 20 cm
Bread knife 23 cm
Meat fork 18 cm
Sharpening steel 26 cm
Kitchen shear

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