Folding knife 9cm 440c titan w/clip

It´s absolutely fascinating how the Sal Manaro is able to bring together different textured surfaces on the Bullseye Grip to create a harmonious whole. You could almost get lost in the geometry of the various milled patterns as you could when gazing at a Japanese rock garden. Yet the Bullseye Grip is a rugged, tactical knife for everyday use, made from the finest and most durable materials. The handle is made from solid titanium and locks the blade using a frame lock. 440C steel is used for the blade, with its proven cutting edge retention and corrosion resistance. The breathtaking cut of the blade with the arrow-shaped ricasso is quite unique, making the Bullseye Grip a truly special knife.

Pocket Knife
Böker Plus Manaro Bullseye Grip

Overall length: 21,8 cm
Blade length: 9,0 cm
Weight: 194 g
Blade thickness: 5,0 mm
Blade material: 440C
Handle material: Titan
Designer: Sal Manaro
Lock: Framelock

Price: $223.86
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