Hunting knife 375/235mm 440c cotton

Hunting knife 375/235mm 440c cotton Bound handle

Due into store end August 2017

Brand: Magnum
Type: Fixed Blade
Designer: Wally Hayes
Total length: 37,5 cm
Blade length: 23,5 cm
Blade thickness: 6,4 mm
Weight: 527,3 g
Blade material: 440C
Handle material: Cotton
Locking mechanism: Fixed
Color: Black

With the Magnum Collection 2017, we take a completely new path. With Canadian knifemaker Wally Hayes, we were able to gain a knifemaker for this series who is world famous among knife collectors for his interpretations of traditional Japanese blade shapes. Being a mastersmith of the American Bladesmith Society (ABS), his knives not only transfer the spirit of traditional knives into the present time, they are also highly functional on top of being exceptional collector´s pieces. The Magnum Collection 2017 is based on a classic Japanese utility knife, which shows its versatility when used outdoors. The wide blade has a tip-orientated balance for an excellent chopping performance, while the cutting edge enthuses with the fascinating sharpness of a zero-grind edge. Built as a full tang, the knife consists of one solid piece of steel, granting maximum stability. In the traditional Japanese way, the handle features a "Same" (authentic rayskin) underlay, with a Tsuka-Ito, the resin enforced cotton wrapping. This handle style goes back to the Katana, the classical Samurai sword, and combines a perfect non-slip grip with traditional craftsmanship. The blade of the Magnum Collection 2017 is made out of 440C stainless steel and features a horizontal satin finish, which enhances the massive contour of the blade in an impressive way. The Magnum Collection 2017 is limited to just 1,999 pieces worldwide and comes in an exclusive collector´s box with a high quality leather sheath and certificate of authenticity.

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