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PLEASE NOTE Knife block extension black only item on right... SEE BOK030409 for larger block on left of photo

Saga knife block base model for 1 knife, matches the Saga knife block base module (030409) - The new "Modular" knife block, designed for the Boker Saga kitchen knife series, provides a previously unknown level of flexibility in the field of knife storage. Whereas the base model is designed for four knives that are reliably held in place on the surface by magnets inlaid into the wood, the block is essentially infinitely expandable, requiring no tools or elaborate tinkering. This gives you the option of adapting the block to your specific needs and the number of your kitchen knives, without having to make a final decision. If you decide to purchase an additional knife at a later point, you can bring along the matching "parking spot" for your knife by also buying an expansion module. This gives you the ability to successively expand the initial four-unit block to the width you currently need, theoretically unlimited in width and capacity. Cotter pins in combination with heavy-duty magnet connections provide an extremely convenient handling. The seams along the right exterior surfaces of the knife block or the outermost module can be enclosed with the included black decorative cap. The "Modular" knife block and the expansion modules are made from solid ash. Matches all kitchen knives with a steel blade.

Knife Block
Boker Knife Block Saga Extension Module
Weight: 403 g

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