Knife hunting aus 8a 2pc set

Knife hunting aus 8a 2pc set

The total length of a large knife is 247 mm
The blade length of the large knife is 113 mm
Thickness of the handle of a large knife - 22 mm
Material of the large knife handle - KratonĀ®
The weight of a large knife is 173 g.

The total length of a small knife is 133 mm
The blade length of the small knife is 46 mm
The weight of a small knife is 31 g.

Material of blades - AUS 8A Stainless Steel
Blade thickness - 3,3 mm
Total weight - 204 g

Japanese steel AUS-8, which has an average carbon content, can be considered a good choice for a working hunting knife. It is inexpensive, but it has good enough and balanced characteristics. Hardness are usually 57-59 HRC.

The blade of the main knife has the shape of a Drop Point. Although its size and thickness do not fill the idea of ??a manual crowbar, he will not be afraid of hard work. Slopes are concave, not very wide. The angle of sharpening is about 25 degrees, which when reduced by 0.8-0.9 mm gave a fairly wide cutting edge.

A sturdy kraton handle has a good ergonomic shape, providing a reliable straight grip and

The auxiliary small knife is made of the same material as the main one. It even has the thickness exactly the same (well, for mass production it's easier).
The blade of the Clip Point shape is made with straight descents from the toe itself, reduced slightly thinner (0.7-0.8 mm) and has an angle of sharpening of about 30 degrees.

The sheath is made very high quality and neat. Outside, practical nylon, inside non-slip rubber-like material. Between them, probably, a plastic insert for shaping. The size of the hinge allows you to use it with a belt of almost any width. In the lower part of the back side there is a drain (vent) hole.
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