Pocket knife 70mm vg10 titan petite

The smallest version of the Urban Trapper, the Petite, became a good bit more compact and lighter with this 7 cm blade length and now tips the scale with barely 30 grams! But the Urban Trapper Petite benefits from the same high-quality features, including horizontal satin-finished VG-10 blade, titanium frame lock with ball bearing, and removable titanium clip (tip up). The Urban Trapper Petite therefore taps into a new dimension of gentlemen's folders.

Pocket Knife
Böker Plus Urban Trapper Petite
Overall length: 15,7 cm
Blade length: 7,0 cm
Weight: 30 g
Blade thickness: 1,9 mm
Blade material: VG-10
Handle material: Titan
Designer: Brad Zinker
Lock: Framelock

Price: $194.34
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