Rescue knife 85mm 12c27 gfk savior3

The new rescue knife series Boker Plus Savior is intended for private users who want to be equipped in the event of an accident to help themselves or others, but also for professional users who carry the knife on the job as a rescue tool. Solid steel liners carry fiberglass-reinforced plastic scales that feature directly overmolded grip-enhancing yellow TPR rubber inlays in strategic places. This provides secure handling even in wet or cold conditions and in stress situations. The replaceable glass breaker on the pommel reliably punctures any side glass panel, while the retractable belt cutter allows belts to be cut even close to the body without risk of injury. Blade with smooth edge and removable thumb stud. The knives feature a removable clip (tip-down). Shipped with premium nylon belt pouch.

Pocket Knife
Böker Plus Savior 3
Overall length: 21,1 cm
Blade length: 8,5 cm
Weight: 159 g
Blade thickness: 3,3 mm
Blade material: 12C27
Handle material: GFK
Lock: Linerlock

Price: $92.25
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