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May 2018 NZ Hospitality Championships ASB centre Auckland 11th to 14th August 2018
MAY 2018 We have set up a direct email for Students to both of our out lets of Auckland and Petone
Our Auckland email:
Our Petone    email :
Please note we have scales and NZ Chef book available in Petone as well as Auckland
 MAY 2018 Please bring in your student list for the course and we can give deal on quality Garments and equipment at both stores ,Auckland and Petone.
May 2018 Fine Food 2018 is on at ASB showgrounds Auckland 24 to 26 th June 2018 ..We will have a stand

Situation Vacant

We are a small family business with a retail outlet, but we also import, export, manufacture, distribute, wholesale and source product both in NZ and overseas.

Therefore an important requirement for us is to have staff who are willing and able to multitask in a variety of areas.

Currently we are looking for a person who is capable of carrying out duties in both our warehouse/stockroom and Inwards/Outwards Goods areas, plus be able to attend to customers either face to face in the shop or via phone/email in the warehouse.

This would require a good level of fitness, ability to climb ladders and lift heavy rolls of material, excellent spoken and written English, competent and advanced computer skills (programming skills to ensure smooth stock control a definite advantage), confidence and a tidy, well presented appearance.

Defining this position would encompass a number of Unit Groups:

Unit 5912 Transport and Despatch

It is essential that all stock movements be accurately recorded, all incoming orders/items to be identified and inspected for possible shipping damage or loss, and checked off. Arranging distribution of goods to appropriate areas and ensuring correct and safe packaging of same.

Must have the ability to decide best method of distribution, work with cubics, arrange for freight pick-ups/deliveries, read and understand incoming shipping documents, and accurately complete all local and overseas shipping documents.

Unit 5911 Purchase and Supply

This position calls for someone with the ability to source items both locally or from overseas. Someone with experience in kitchenware items and in particular in textiles would be a distinct advantage due to the amount of material we import for our uniform range. This requires an experienced person with an in-depth knowledge of not only material composition and finishes, but also of manufacturing the end product to ensure correct weights, widths, lengths and thread counts are purchased.

The position requires accurate recording of all incoming orders, outgoing orders, checking all stock movements against computer records and Stock on Hand.

Must understand the variations of stock levels of certain items during the year and have the ability to plan for increased /reduced stock levels, and prepare orders accordingly to ensure a constant supply of basic stock.

Arrange convenient and correct storage and handling of goods.

Must be able to assemble and pack customer orders, arrange appropriate shipping, and liase with customers regarding pricing, alternative stock items, delays in supply etc.

Unit 7411 Storeperson

Be responsible for checking all incoming orders against Purchase Order / Packing Slip.

Noting any discrepancies, damage or incorrect items.

Must be fit enough to help unload delivery vehicles. We only use a Handtruck for this – no forklifts or other machinery is used. Occasionally deliveries need to be unpacked while still on the back of the truck, requiring care and speed.

All incoming goods need to be accurately entered into the computer, prior to being distributed to other locations. Accurate computer skills are therefore needed plus the ability to work with numerical codes, many of which can be very similar, requires clear cognitive skills.

Storing, pricing, labelling and rotation of stock often requires lateral thinking ability.

Unit 7321 Delivery Driver

Currently we have several storage locations and frequently need to transport goods to and from these places. The person we are looking for needs advanced driving skills (experienced in towing a very long trailer), an understanding of packing stock to ensure balanced loads, the observational and practical skills to maintain our vehicles in acceptable condition, good knowledge of Auckland roads to ensure efficient travel routes.

Minor Unit 891 Freight Handler and Shelf Filler

Receiving and checking of incoming goods, placing on appropriate shelves in stockroom and subsequently refilling empty shelves in the store.

Unit 8912 Shelf Fillers

Ensuring goods are correctly priced and placing them neatly in the correct order on shelves.

Rotation of stock and observing stock shortages and replenishing from warehouse stock.

Assisting customers find items they may be looking for.

Maintain an organised, neat and safe display to assist customers find the items they require.


The above covers the main skills and duties we would want a new employee to have.

There are of course, the personal attributes we also need such as the ability to work in a team, to mix well and co-operate with others, attend work regularly and on time, have a polite and helpful attitude to assisting customers, the ability to work under pressure at times,

a desire to provide excellent customer service by going the extra mile, and clear, legible writing and numerical ability.

In other words, we need a super human.

Please apply as requested by Trade Me job # Classified number: 1625006925
Closes mid night on 20th May 2018