Pocket knife 8cm d2 red bone scout

Model: bok112760

Pocket knife 8cm d2 red bone scout

30 years of Boker Scout - today, nobody could say whether 30 years ago, anyone could have predicted that the Boker Scout based on the design by Ulrich Look would spend more than three decades as one of the most successful and most popular from our product range. But these 30 years are definitely noteworthy in times of flash-in-the-pan fashion statements that are not uncommon in the knife market. In order to celebrate this special occasion, we have developed an anniversary edition whose models feature a polished D2 blade as a unique detail. In order to provide an appropriate counterweight to the polished blade, the handle scales are equipped with a special anniversary emblem and also polished to a high sheen. The series is limited to 300 copies per model world-wide.

Handle material: Bone
Brand: B?ker Manufaktur Solingen
Blade material: D2
Blade thickness: 2,5 mm
Blade length: 8,0 cm
Weight: 160,0 g
Locking mechanism: Backlock
Total length: 18,4 cm
Color: Red

Origin: USA
Carbon (%): 1,5
Chrome (%): 12
Molybdenum (%): 1
Vanadium (%): 1
Manganese (%): 0,6
Nickel (%): 0,3
Silicon (%): 0,6
Rockwell (HRC): 57-61

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