Pocket knife 72mm titan vg10

The low profile and incredibly elegant lines of the successful Urban Trapper has had countless enthusiastic customers. Brad Zinker addresses the growing demand for a "heftier" version with the FR model. Based on the same design principles - e.g. as titanium frame lock with ball-bearing hinged blade - the Böker Plus FR features a slightly heavier and wider handle design, which together with the minimally increased blade thickness moves the overall impression significantly more in the direction of a utility knife, but without compromising its elegance. VG-10 is used as the blade steel here as well.

Pocket Knife
Böker Plus FR Titan
Overall length: 16,4 cm
Blade length: 7,2 cm
Weight: 57 g
Blade thickness: 2,6 mm
Blade material: VG-10
Handle material: Titan
Designer: Brad Zinker
Lock: Framelock

Price: $231.24
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