Razor set olive 6/8 carbon 5pc ex h

Razor set olive 6/8 carbon 5pc

Type: Straight Razor
Blade material: Carbon steel
Handle material: Olive Wood

Straight razor set consisting of straight razor and care set 090012! The traditional blade in the 6/8" format is made from the particularly fine and non-stainless steel and is not only suited for newcomers. The large surface also holds a good amount of foam and hair before it needs to be rinsed off again. The lively grain of the olive wood handle gives the knife its special appeal. Extra-hollow blade grind to exacting quality standards, with wall. Newcomers are fully equipped and can get started straight away with the Black Fiber shaving brush (04BO125), the strop (04BO155), the stand for straight razor and brush (04BO150) and shaving soap (04BO158).

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